A new category OF coffee refreshment

The BKON Cold Brew Project has been created so skilled coffee roasters can apply their expertise in sourcing, blending, and roasting to innovate a premium category of cold brew.

Respect the art
break the rules

Smooth. Sweet. It’s what makes cold brew so enjoyable. But when coffee is exposed to air during a daylong steep, something gets lost. Vivid flavors. These flavors, which come from the terroir of the beans, the art of the blend, and the style of the roast are the magic
that produces beautiful cups of coffee. It seemed to us that the same rules should apply to cold brew. So, we went out and did just that.

PREMIUM COLD BREW is just minutes away

BKON’s new CB5 brewing system utilizes revolutionary algorithms to innovate the creation of premium cold brew. Instead of 12 to 20 hours, we’re crafting cold brew fresh. The absence of hot water subdues the acidity for a smooth cup, while the patented RAIN™ process draws out the true flavors from the coffee’s terroir and roast. Small but mighty, the CB5 knocks out 5 gallons of fresh cold brew with unmatched depth and development, in just 15 minutes. That’s 240 gallons a day to the big picture folks.
Watch the cb5 in action

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Additional US & International Patents Pending


The true intersection of specialty coffee and refreshment is near. BKON is proud to have Panther Coffee become a partner of the
Cold Brew Project. Panther’s RAIN-Powered Cold Brew will become available across their own retail stores, and other select locations in Miami and NYC this summer. Prepare to experience cold brew like never before.

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